December 27th, 2012


New picture and account from the OTR NYC premiere and after party

Then he goes into this whole story about his friend who saw an advance screening of “Into The Wild” and immediately called Walter about this actress nobody’d ever heard of to play Marylou, and he wrote her name down on a napkin: “Kristen Stewart” “And when I first met her in 2007 she had such an in-depth understanding of what ‘On The Road’ was about and knew the book inside out, and she was 17.”
And then we go back to the party and Walter introduces me to Kristen Stewart, which is such a strange and unexpected thing that he has to be dealing with with this movie. Like, nobody in it was supposed to be a movie star. The leads were all cast because they were all unidentifiable fresh faces — film goers were already coming in with such fixed images in their minds as to what the characters looked like, the filmmakers couldn’t also have actors with established characters affixed. So they cast all relative unknowns in the main roles. Then lo and behold, Kristen Stewart becomes the biggest grossing actress of 2012 before the movie comes out. So Walter, and her, and everyone, have to deal with this.

But I get to hang with the mega-star for a while, and man, she’s so petite you could put her in your pocket! And she’s bookish, and reserved, and 180 degrees different than Marylou. We talk about indie film, and she confirms my assumption that’s she’s gonna do them the rest of her life. We didn’t say it, but this is a 22-year-old indie chick who fluked into the biggest movie franchise of the last few years, and she never has to work another day in her life. Yet she is going to be so many different interesting characters in the years to come. I tell her the truth that she brought Marylou more to life than Jack ever did, but she would hear none of it. To her, it was all Jack. And I beamed.
And suddenly there’s Walter! And we hug, and he says he has to go find somebody and I’m “Okay,” and we wander off on some mission. I dunno what we were doin’ but we ended up on the roof and back again and I dunno if we ever accomplished anything but I told him, “Your kids are all gathered in the corner — you should go see them.” And this was the most amazing thing — in this beautiful penthouse skyline scene where I would not and did not take any pictures except for the one I’ll share shortly, but in the corner of this mobbed premiere party, Garrett, Kristen, and Sam were able to sit side-by-side in this alcove by the window, the three of them together again for perhaps the first time since they were all crammed in a ’49 Hudson for months, and able to enjoy the reunion together. And it’s so obvious how close they all are — it was like my high school reunion of a couple years ago — talkin, laughin and huggin all at the same time.

New USA Today interview+HQ pics

Kristen Stewart has a solid, vigorous handshake.

When she arrives at the darkened restaurant at the Tribeca Grand hotel, precisely seven minutes late, she's guardedly apologetic about her tardiness. A table of men gawks at Stewart as she keeps her head down, her hair loose around her face, clad in jeans and a T-shirt and sneakers, and quickly crosses the room to a more secluded table in the corner.

Stewart, barely out of her teens, has tasted the flip side of fame, and it isn't much to her liking. She's cautious and watchful and ill at ease, until she's not. The thing is, give Stewart a little bit of time, a glass of pinot grigio, and some thoughtful conversation, and she warms up.

Being gaped at, she says, brings out her inner dork.

"I feel like I'm in the sixth grade, and everyone in the room is laughing at me. Some people can come into a room and say hello to everyone, and it's fine. I'm not that person. I don't think I'm very approachable," says the actress, 22.

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