December 10th, 2012

Huffington Post interview

Michael Hogan: I remember reading On the Road as a teenager, and the women didn't register for me so much as characters. So I wonder, as a teenage girl reading it, how the women seemed to you when you first read the book?

Kristen Stewart: Yeah, it's funny, they didn't really register with me, either. People do love to say that this is a boy book and that the female characters tend to be treated as play things and are peripheral. When you read the book, they tend to seem as though they're almost like a tool for Kerouac to show that life's crazy, that things are wild and sexy. That's why, playing the part, we were privy to information that made this thing so different. I think getting to know the women behind the characters and getting to know Jack's relationships with them and Neal's relationships with them, it made it easier to play the character.

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