November 11th, 2012

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We are open!

Hey kbitchers!

We have an announcement to make... drum roll pleaseeee!

The comm will now have open posts!

What does that mean? It means that from here on out we are opening up the comm for the public to see.
We know we've always been pretty private~ however with LJ being less active and places like twitter being much more active we want the comm to reach more people and we feel this is one way to do it!

We will however keep commenting/posting to members only!
So while non-members will be able to see and enjoy the posts, if they want to comment they still need to join!

Our membership is pretty open!
We accept most people however we don't want any of the trolls sneaking their way in which is why we screen everyone.

Lastly there are a few type of posts we want to keep members only:
Creeper/leaked pics posts: If you think you'll be using the "stalkers club" tag then please make it a members only post!
OT posts: We doubt ya'll want our TMI posts to be public hahaha. So use your discretion there!

We hope everyone will be happy with this! Kbitch is!

your mods