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Jesus once saw KStew's bitchface in his grilled cheese

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Kristen Stewart's bitchface

Welcome to team_kbitch! We are non srs bsns Kristen Stewart fans, known as KBITCHERS! Join us if you love the almighty bitchface!
Your mods are i_we_you, la_maga_86, prettymagic, stillsoproud,how_we_fade ara12 & msmaroon.

1| First and most important rule: respect KStew the almighty bitchface. This comm was created for showing our love for her. So if you come here to bash on her you will be banned before you can even say sorry.
2| As you can see in our comm's name, this comm is not srs bsns (serious business) so please take everything lightly AND HAVE FUN!
3| Kbitchers respect each other. Everyone has different opinions so if you don't like what someone is saying please SCROLL. Don't try to pick up any fights here because we don't want any drama in the comm. Save the drama for your mama!
4| We have a page-a-mod. Please use it for all of THESE reasons.
5| Don't be afraid to comment/post because we don't bite! But don't forget to follow posting rules.
6| Use a lj-cut when there is a need for it (huge pic, many pictures etc). Please include all pictures in your post, don't just put a link to more pictures. And please use tags.
7| We are NOT a hate comm. So please respect Kristen's co-stars/friends etc. We aren't saying you have to love them but please keep the unnecessary wank out of the comm. No bashing.
8| We allow posts about her family, but please don't be too creepy. We don't allow posts about Kristen's co-stars unless she is mentioned, we love them but they have their own comms.
9| Personal posts are not allowed unless they are made interactive. We definitely encourage interactive/OT posts but no more than 3 a day!
10| Individual request posts are not allowed. We have weekly request posts, please use those!
11| Individual graphic posts (icons, banners, headers, wallpapers) are no longer permitted, we have official graphic posts so please comment in the most recent entry HERE with your previews.
Fanvids, fanmixes, picspams and gifs DO NOT needed to be included in these posts, you may post those as you wish.
12| If you are a member view full rules HERE

team_hobopattz // team_ash // adoring_emma

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If you use these graphics please credit team_kbitch or particular members:
2 - i_we_you
3,4 - sophie_lizzie
5 - shades_of_pink
6,9 - catkirk
7 - sarahkate24
11 - mickey1980

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